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To order a CD,  please send a check for $17 to

Evergreen Shade  c/o John Tole,  285 Rock Mills Rd.   Woodville, VA 22749

Or contact us by email to make other arrangements:  john.tole@evergreenshade.com

Sweet Sunny South CD Cover

         1.            How Firm A Foundation
2.            Southern Battle Cry of Freedom
3.            Sweet Sunny South
4.            Wayfaring Stranger
5.            Valiant Conscript
6.            Hard Times
7.            Riding a Raid
8.            Lorena
9.            Invalid Corps
10.        Homespun Dress
11.        Upidea Upida
12.        Red Is the Rose
13.        Rose of Alabamy
14.        Just Before the Battle Mother
15.        Yellow Rose of Texas
16.        Rebel Soldier
17.        Battle Cry of Freedom (reprise)
18.        How Firm A Foundation (reprise)


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